Most Onsite programs offer little than early intervention – meaning, soreness, pain and injury have already occurred at this point. We now know that Physiotherapy alone in addressing problems at this stage is only part of the solution and is not true prevention of injury.

We are different! Our use of technology captures the movements, postures, weaknesses and their trends that lead to injury BEFORE they present as symptoms. This allows us to selectively strengthen, condition or change manual handling practice using our expertise prior to pain, injury or time off work.

We then make informed decisions for our clients on exactly;

  • Where the key risks are in the workplace
  • Who in the workforce will benefit most from exercise
  • What exercises will have a true impact on preventing injury
  • What areas need re-engineering / equipment or process review

Actions taken from our data save our clients massively on costs of medical treatment, lost time, staff replacement, training costs and time and insurance premium increases.

We tailor our services to all individual client needs achieving true Injury Prevention using;

  • Early Intervention Programs
  • Workplace Warm Up Programs
  • Injury Hotline and Triage service
  • Task Assessment and Job Dictionary Development
  • Pre/Post employment Assessment
  • Worker Health Checks

Our combined packages save you thousands. Choose from our Prevention , Prevention + or Prevention Platinum to bundle services that best suit your needs.

Onsite EP or Physio who conducts observations and coaching, our exclusive technology for worker and task assessment, warm ups and 1:1 exercise training.

All the benefits of our Prevention Program including our Early Intervention Package with Onsite Physiotherapy and a choice of 2 additional services.
All the benefits of Prevention + including Detailed Ergonomic Analysis and recommendations of your workplace hotspots for incident or injury; and up to three additional services.

Our expert staff use advanced tech to engage workers and achieve objectivity when assessing movement and manual tasks.
EMP coach and correct manual handling technique on the job in various environments.
EMP prescribe corrective exercises to improve the physical capacity of workers.
EMP use objective data to reduce the impact of musculoskeletal injury.
EMP Integrate our expertise with existing systems and processes of your business.
This enhances efficiency in delivering our program and key initiatives, amplifying our effect and strengthening our bond with your workforce.
Our results deliver massive reductions in the cost of worker injury, insurance premium increases and medical treatment costs.

Return On Investment
Operating Australia Wide

Return On Investment

A substantial ROI was achieved after commencing our Prevention Plus program on a site with over 600 staff. The program included onsite physiotherapy and exercise physiology. Results included reduced needs for physiotherapy and injury numbers reduced from 6.7% to 1% of workers, with total number of claims dropped from 45 to 6 over a 14 month period. Spend reduced from 120,600 to just $18,000. Premiums were also reduced from $301,500 to 122,540.

Our EMP sensor technology was used to determine the tasks and work areas that posed the highest risk of injury. Tasks were redesigned and ongoing coaching and training for operational workers continued to lower the numbers of injuries. We established functional assessments of the workforce and then specifically strengthened workers in areas of the most need. A thorough induction process for new staff was introduced on how to move safely during manual tasks had a significant impact. By introducing specific Warm Ups to prepare the body for manual handling throughout the working day we not only saw lower injuries but a happier, more productive workforce.

Our Average Cost Saving (per 100 workers)

  • Total spend on claims down $229,500
  • Average program cost is $81,840 pa
  • ROI equates to $2.80 per $1.00

* Figures taken from July 2016 to September 2017

After 15 months post program introduction:

  • Spend on Onsite Physio reduced by 69%
  • Claims reduced from 6.7 to 1 per 100 workers program wide (over 3000 workers)
  • Average time on modified duties dropped from 28 days to 11 (saving greatly on labor hire

* Figures taken from July 2016 to September 2017

Workers in the program – 1 %
Workers NOT in the program – 6.7%

% of workers injured who progress to claim

Workers in program – $18,000
Workers NOT in the program – $120,600

Average raw cost or workers claims

Workers in the program – $120,600
Workers NOT in the program – $301,500

Raw cost of claims with Premium Impact

EMP Services
Operating Australia Wide

We operate Australia wide

With operations active in every capital city in Australia EMP have you covered. We cover specific areas related to major transport, manufacturing and warehousing hubs, being expertly placed to service these areas surrounding our major cities.

Our commitment to equitably service our clients needs, including any remote or regional workers ensures we can provide solutions to any geographical challenge. Our growth in regional areas is as strong and consistent as our metropolitan growth. Contact our team to discuss your coverage needs and we will gladly design the appropriate program that ensures your workforce and safer and healthier, no matter where they are located.

EMP Services
Return On Investment