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The next step in onsite injury prevention programs

Despite significant efforts by organisations and industry, manual task related injuries remain the most common work-related condition in Australia; accounting for over 24% of all worker’s compensation claims (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2019). These injuries are often significant in nature, with over 60% resulting in more than four weeks absence from the workplace (WorkSafe, 2018).

So how do organisations better understand the risks which continue to plague their workplace; especially when these risks can vary so greatly between team members completing the same role?
And how do organisations implement predictive injury management programs ?

EMP Onsite have combined the expert knowledge and skills of Exercise Physiologists with cutting edge sensor technology to create a predictive injury prevention program that guarantees a dramatic reduction in LTI’s, absenteeism and WorkCover claims.

Our workshop will detail how this program can assist your workplace, the practicalities of introducing an injury prevention program and demonstrate the known returns through case studies from noted employers such as Australia Post, who have successfully implemented the program and are now enjoying the substantial benefits.